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I’ve always been a lover of travel. My husband and I went on countless cruises and often travelled to Europe to visit his sisters – one in Vienna, the other in Copenhagen. In 2012, he passed away and although I travelled with friends and family, they weren’t able to get away as I desired. Longer trips were what I wanted but having tried traveling solo, it just wasn’t for me.

Then I happened upon the term, “digital nomad”. It resonated. I worked digitally, which allowed me the freedom to travel wherever there was reliable WiFi.

In researching more about digital nomads, I discovered a few groups that offered longer-term community travel. Intrigued, I spoke with a few of them. The first six were clearly not for me – their median ages were somewhere around 25. I was 50.

The seventh was the one. Hacker Paradise offered month-long trips in various locations and had people join them on their trips from aged 25 to 70+. I wouldn’t be the “old one” in the group! But gulp, I didn’t know anyone – was I really ready to make this move and travel with 34 people I didn’t know? Gulp. Yes. It’s what I’ve been looking for — like-minded community in a destination I really wanted to visit.

That was February 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I haven’t looked back. I took two additional trips with them. The first was to Cape Town, South Africa in October 2017, and the next to Danang, Vietnam in February 2018.

In fact, during that very first trip, I started planning my own coworking travel community. There were a couple of other people with us who were in my age group who thought it was a great idea and I figured, if I was looking for something like this, surely others were too.

I moved quickly and connected with an acquaintance I had solely known in the online world but I knew travelled with her business (and was teaching others how to as well), and asked her if she’d like to partner with me on this new venture. Linda Claire Puig was quick to say yes, and Adventurous Life International was conceived.

Our first trip was May 2018 (told you I move fast!), to Lisbon, Portugal, and we had 12 courageous women join our community. It was a success! Everyone got to slowly explore this beautiful city and gained new business ideas, and for some, life-long friends.

We’ve taken our Adventurous Life communities (men and women business owners, aged 40+) to:

Lisbon, Portugal (May 2018)

Rome, Italy (September 2018)

Bali, Indonesia (November/December 2018)

Barcelona, Spain (May 2019)

Prague, Czech Republic (September 2019)

Sydney, Australia (November/December 2019)

Here are our exciting 2022 bucket list destinations:

Tulum, Mexico – January 30 – Febraury 26, 2022

Abruzzo + Naples, Italy – April 17 – May 14, 2022

Dublin, Ireland – July 11 – August 7, 2022

Split, Croatia – September 18 – October 15, 2022

Buenos Aires, Argentina – November 20 – December 17, 2022

To learn more about our trips or to apply to join us (we vet our participants because it’s all about amazing community!), visit the Adventurous Life website.