When the world feels small, I travel. I enjoy experiencing the enormous domain beyond my work and home. Sometimes, I escape to places far away. But I know that I can also drive down the road, or just beyond the city limits, to partake in the traveler’s experience.

The world is vast, and I am aware that I am familiar with only a small part of it.

Encountering new cultures is an exciting experience. I enjoy meeting new people and observing different systems of society. Architecture, music, and food are fun areas of exploration.

Closer to home, I explore the great outdoors. I find hiking paths, lakes, and many other areas to visit. I take in my surroundings, enjoying both sight and sound. Leaving the stresses of work behind is necessary, because I want to keep my mind right here, in the moment.

I love traveling with others. My friends enjoy the adventure as much as I do. I like sharing the experiences and discussing our discoveries.

Regardless of where I go, each time I travel, I expand my world.

Today, I intend to create travel plans for this weekend. By using my resources, I can locate sites and recreational areas that I have yet to visit. I am looking forward to my next great adventure!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my favourite recreational activities?
  2. What benefits can I receive from experiencing other cultures?
  3. Would I ever consider traveling alone? What are the pros and cons for me?