Coaching and Mentoring

For over ten years, Pam has been coaching her clients to co-create breakthroughs and measurable results in their businesses and lifestyles.

Her specialty: marketing and profit acceleration.

Whether working one on one with Pam or through a shared experience in one of her popular group coaching programs, your profits will thank you.

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One-On-One Coaching
Group Coaching
“Working with Pam was one of the best decisions I made when starting my business. I started working with Pam because I wanted to learn how to build a team and set up systems and processes as a multi-VA business. Pam’s knowledge and practical advice amazed me every time we spoke. She was incredibly generous with sharing templates and materials, not to mention her feedback and support via email so I could keep moving forward between calls. I now have 13 retainer clients, have almost doubled my rates, and have an incredible team in place so I can take on more clients. If you are starting a VA business or are simply wanting to grow your business, I can’t think of anyone else you’d want to work with!”
~ Amy Lippmann,
Coaching Client Case Study: Kristen Poborsky, VA with an MVA
Why did you choose Pam as your business coach?   “Pam offered a free coaching/strategy session with her back in July and I jumped at the opportunity.  I have been a VA since February of 2009 and I knew that Pam was one of the most successful VA’s with a team in the business.  I was looking for a coach because I was stuck building my team and taking my business to the level that I wanted to go.  The coaching/ strategy session was great and from that I really got a good sense that Pam had the experience and resources to help me accomplish what I needed to do.”
How long have you worked with her?  “Since August of 2011.”
What was your situation before working with Pam?  “I had two subcontractors working for me and my monthly client billing had not increased by much since the beginning of 2012.  Since August of 2012 my team has grown to 5 subcontractors and my monthly billing has doubled!  I am now shifting from doing all of the work myself to doing what I love and being a project manager and business partner for my clients.  I also saw that I did not have the bandwidth myself to accomplish what my clients needed and wanted quickly and efficiently.  By delegating, I have been able to accomplish more for my clients and that feels great!”
What results have you experienced since working with her?  “My monthly client billing has doubled in the past 4 months!”
Who would you recommend work with Pam as their coach in moving their business forward? “Anyone who is serious about building a team, having a 6 figure income and wanting to become an expert VA.”
Describe an “ah-ha” moment or a turning-point that you experienced in working with her as your coach.  “Realizing that I did not have the bandwidth to handle all of the tasks my clients needed completed quickly and efficiently.  By delegating more and shifting into a business manager role for my clients, I feel calmer, more in control and freed up to be a strategic partner for my clients!”

The demands on a business owner can feel overwhelming. Many business owners are excellent at the technical aspects of their specialty but find that marketing their business, creating a strategic direction for the company and increasing their customer base is a source of stress. I bring my personal experience as an online business owner for more than a decade, plus an extensive background in marketing and strategic planning to this coaching and mentoring specialty.

I can help you by:

  • Guiding you in creating an effective online marketing strategy
  • Being a confidential sounding board
  • Bring a fresh pair of eyes to offer guidance and support
  • Evaluating your ideas with you and helping you develop your business from an idea into reality
  • Developing the management and business you need
  • Being a trouble-shooter and general support for you during this exciting but sometimes challenging time.

With a Mentor and Coach You Will:

  • Learn how others have created successful businesses and what you need to know to create one for yourself
  • Have tools you can implement immediately
  • Learn how to market yourself efficiently and effectively
  • Learn to follow your bottom line. How to prepare and read your profit and loss statement and why it’s so important in your business success
  • Up-Level your business and your goals

How to Get the Most from business coaching…

Make a List of Your Goals

Business coaching works best when you have clear goals. By using the To Do List, make a list of the goals you would like to focus on while we are together.

Get To Know What You Want

Working with a mentor and coach is a sure way to jump start your new or existing virtual assistant business. Most clients hire a consultant to accomplish several specific goals and most of the time, the focus is on these goals. Yet, don’t be surprised if you discover new goals and aspirations along the way too!

Double Your Level of Willingness

Part of working with me as your mentor and coach is that I will ask a lot of you. Not too much, I hope, but perhaps, more than you may have been asked recently. You will benefit mostly if you are willing to experiment with fresh approaches and be open to redesigning the way you think a business should be. Please be willing to:

  • Experiment and try new things
  • Be open to suggestions
  • Be open to learning how to work virtually
  • Set goals that are much bigger
  • Raise your standards to be very, very high
  • Work very hard

Come To the Session Prepared, with an Agenda

We have a set time together and you’ll want to have a written list of things for us to discuss. Possible things to think about before our sessions include:

  • Skill sets, where your strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Business building
  • Advice you want about a specific situation
  • What you’re currently working on and how it’s going
  • Strategies you wish to develop

“Pam is AWESOME!! A huge asset in Marketing and Strategy!”
Jeff Allan, Mutual Equity Corp/D’Angelo Adavanni & Associates, Alt Debt Solutions

“Pam is an excellent marketing strategist!”
TJ Hunt, Empower Network, LLC Network Marketing

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Amber Miller
When I started working with Pam, I felt lost. I was running a successful business support company and team, but was missing something…
Pam and her business coaching helped me by creating systems, upleveling our offerings to show our amazing skills and helping me clearly identify our ideal clients.
The results were amazing! I am now feeling confident again as a business owner and we are attracting those who are called to serve and support.
If you are looking for a coach, I would highly recommend Pam!!!
Amber Miller, the Delegation Diva - CEO and Chief Diva, Smart To Finish