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“You Don’t Have To Have A Million Dollars And Years At The Top To Experience Real Product Launch Success!”


“How to Easily Avoid the Most Common Launch Mistakes You May Not Realize You’re Making!”

Product Launch Training

Do you feel frustrated or afraid, when it comes to launching your new product?  Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with a product launch that was an embarrassing flop.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of product creation or ready to launch today, no one ever plans to fail.  We all want launches that are wildly successful: Launches that propel you to instant fame in your niche, with profits flooding in every day.

“Instant fame” is something that happens to few – but lasting, solid success can be closer than you think.  The really sad part is… the actions you need to take to achieve this are not that complex at all.

So Why Don’t More People Hit The Product Launch Jackpot?


You need to be on the inside, using focused but relatively simple strategies:  So simple, in fact, they’re taken for granted and skimmed over by the majority (who fail).

The reason this happens?  They don’t understand the basic principles they’re dealing with… and the correct way to fit these together.

And they don’t know how to apply that extra “twist” here and there that separates the pros from the wannabes.

It’s all in the timing… Something that proper planning can help you develop (while you quickly begin to truly own the skills that these setup steps take).

Skills that leave you in full command of concepts such as:

  • The only solid foundation for product launch success (why building with it will help you every time)
  • The 3 actions you need to take to make sure you maximize your true launch potential
  • How to validate and double-check the 2 logical conclusions that prematurely satisfy most marketers (who then fail)
  • The single most indispensable ingredient for a truly exceptional product – and launch (it’s one that can transform the ordinary into “great”)
  • The strongest buyer emotion you must create – and how to easily do so

This understanding goes hand-in-hand with quickly acquiring and mastering other “small details”.  These are the ones that give those extra “twists” that set your product apart from the crowd.

Why Launching From A Firm Foundation Can Actually Feel Like Magic


Launch RocketGrasping the principles behind the actions makes it much easier to grasp – and retaining – the finer details.  It takes the guesswork out of the product launch sequence, leaving you with a sure and powerful command of what you’re planning to achieve.

When you acquire the foundation and the sequencing properly, it feels as if you “own” what you’ve learned.  It quickly becomes second nature to set yourself up for success when you truly understand insider truths such as:

  • 3 things your customer is always searching for – and why you should be able to easily beat the competition in fulfilling them
  • 4 Ways to make sure your customer is satisfied – before she even downloads your product!
  • 3 compulsory sales requirements you need to meet (mess up number one and you’re likely to blow all 3!)
  • The secret ingredient to look for and extract, when spying on your competitor’s market
  • The key question to ask yourself, to make sure you get the answer totally right
  • How to package your product using 4 key controls – and how to bring it all together
  • The art of positioning and pricing – not all customers are created equal and what you need to know about each

How To Make Sure Your Best Customer Finds You

On top of that, your product launch needs to irresistibly hook the right customers.  Those are the ones who hook up for the long term, buying from you again and again.

To do this, it’s necessary to take consistent steps in every product launch process… steps that include learning how to acquire the most helpful feedback, be alert to subtle market differences and easily ace customer service (which begins before you ever make a single sale!)


In Lesson 1 you’ll get in the know about:

checkboxredtick 6 actions you can take to make sure you get more focused feedback

checkboxredtick The small single element most people take for granted that can make a huge difference to your SEO

checkboxredtick The 4 conditions you’ll want to fulfill, if you’re planning to attract the wealthier market

checkboxredtick The 2 conditions you never want to ignore, if you’re planning to go “low end” instead

checkboxredtick 3 ways to avoid burnout and overload, if you’re servicing customers yourself

checkboxredtick Why promotion is not a “final step” – it’s the one step to take straight away

Take care of the above, and you end up understanding:

checkboxredtick 4 sure fire ways to bring your customers back for more – and keep them for life, when you do

Why Making Money Online Doesn’t Work For Some People


Of course, you want your launch to also gain momentum, so you can capitalize on your success for a long time to come.  To do this, you’ll need to apply 7 basic, specific strategies.

A lot of people take parts of these strategies… and apply them once, when twice is the magic number.

Or they set them into motion at the wrong time, not properly understanding the true results these strategies are designed to bring.

That’s why you hear so many people telling you that making money online “doesn’t work” for them.  (What they’re doing is like running an egg-and-spoon race… but forgetting the egg and using a fork for the spoon.)

lesson2-smWhen you learn these 7 strategies in Lesson 2, you’ll find yourself ready to employ…

checkboxredtick A twist on the freebie offer is so deliciously irresistible, it hurts

checkboxredtick A powerful way to get those who couldn’t otherwise afford it happily paying your price (while thanking you for the opportunity)

checkboxredtick The one piece of this puzzle many people miss, when employing this type of strategy

checkboxredtick 7 specific but easy ways to create good habits in your customers

checkboxredtick 7 more focused ways to create that all-important buzz

checkboxredtick The benefits of multiple landing pages – and one extra type you may not yet have heard about

checkboxredtick The one strategy above all others that’s scorching the market right now

Why You Need A Complete System That Feels Natural To You


Then, of course, you need to tie it all up together, making sure you don’t fall prey to that ever-present danger all marketers face… finding yourself in a sea of confusion as you try to remember all these details.

That’s why Product Launch Success is carefully sectioned into 4 easy-to-digest lessons (complete with a checklist for each.)

lesson3-smIn Lesson 3, we tie up all the loose ends, giving you important information such as:

checkboxredtick The 3 big losses you face, if you omit this small but all-important detail (one that occasionally catches out even those veteran marketers)

checkboxredtick 5 vital steps you need to take, to make sure you’re product is really ready

checkboxredtick The extra step that saves you time, stops you from making mistakes – and makes you money in the long run

checkboxredtick The 3 commandments of getting great testimonials – even from people who normally wouldn’t give them

checkboxredtick Fixing that slightly off-target product – and how to know when to scrap it

checkboxredtick The one component you MUST have in place (especially if your list is “too small”)

checkboxredtick An extra strategy it’s sound to employ if you’re new to product launches – and it really doesn’t have to be complex

checkboxredtick 2 simple reasons why you don’t have to feel like a “fraud” – an affliction newer marketers often complain of

How To Easily Promote Without Feeling Like You’re Promoting


lesson4-smAnd in our final guide, you’ll be taken well beyond the usual stale collection of templates, learning the true principles behind product launch promotion.

There are tactics the pros use that they don’t tell you about (even when you’re paying for their special report). You’ll get insight into their methods in Lesson 4:

checkboxredtick 10 vital press release tips

checkboxredtick What they start accumulating straight away – before ever beginning to promote

checkboxredtick Where they get 25% of their sales (the ones they don’t tell you about)

checkboxredtick 4 action-based goals promotion can help you achieve, before you can claim that customer’s loyalty
checkboxredtick The stunningly simple way to find article directories tailored to your target niche

You’ll learn all this – and more – in each of the 4 focused guides teaching you the proven ways to claim true…

“Product Launch Success”

Launch RocketThis 4-part Lesson Series includes:

  • Setting Yourself Up For Product Launch Success
  • Product Launch Success Top Strategy Secrets
  • Product Launch Success: Bringing it All Together
  • Product Launch Success Easy Promotion Kit

Plus 4 handy checklists (one accompanies each guide).

And each guide has optional, easy assignments, to further help you ground yourself in good launch habits.

Program Delivery:

This program is delivered directly to your inbox, one lesson per week, for four weeks.

So what are you waiting for?

There’s never been a better time to learn how to launch the right way!

Product Launch Success

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I’m looking forward to finally understanding:

Not just what to do when I’m ready to launch my product – but how to truly make the process my own

The 4 crucial questions to ask myself, to ensure that I’m right on target

2 secret strategies of social network buzz that I truly may not have heard anywhere else!

The truly simple secret of product launch perfection – when I get this one right, all the others will fall into place

The key to looking like a pro – and feeling like one too

The 3 most important facts to keep in mind about social networking buzz – and social proof

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