Host Live Events for Big Pay Days

Uncover the Secrets to Creating Successful Events that Captivate Your Audience, Grow Your Community, and Provide a Built-In Upsell Opportunity You Can Use to Dramatically Increase Your Profit Margins!

Dear Small Business Owner,

How often have you wondered if your marketing efforts are wasted? Sure, you do all the “right” things online – you have a great website, you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, you’re personable and available to your readers…and yet, you’re still not making the profits you know are possible.

And somehow, you’re don’t feel truly connected to your audience.

The real key to making those lasting connections? Live events. Because only with a live event can you hope to:

  • Really captivate an audience – You’ll have their full attention (unlike online, where distractions run rampant!)
  • Gain instant expert status – Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert at all!
  • Reach a targeted market who is ready and willing to buy – Just by virtue of showing up to your event!
  • Create a personal connection that will pay off for months or years to come.
  • Reach that segment of your market that will never find you online – no matter how good your marketing efforts are.
  • Add an additional stream of income – you didn’t think you were going to speak for free, did you?

Of course, putting together a live event isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – in fact, there’s quite a bit of work involved. But with a step-by-step plan, you can create a successful (and profitable) event with very little up-front cost and a minimal time investment. And the rewards can be enormous!

“My Market Won’t Attend a Live Event!”

As online business owners, we’re so immersed in the Internet culture, that we can forget there is a whole world outside our computers. But be assured, your customers live in that world, and they are attending live events because they love having the opportunity to:

  • Spend some time completely focused on a topic they love – without all the distractions of “life” like ringing phones, work obligations, school events, and sinks full of dirty dishes
  • “Talk shop” with true experts in their field (YOU!) – and get personal answers to their most pressing questions
  • Meet and mingle with others who share their interests – and potentially meet new friends, mentors, or even business partners
  • Get real, hands-on training – because sometimes you need a live example to help you get over the learning curve

“I Can’t Stand Up and Speak In Front of a Crowd – I’m too Shy!”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking every event has to be a huge affair! Those thoughts will only paralyze you with fear and prevent you from taking positive steps in your business.

The truth is, your live event can be absolutely anything you want it to be – a crowded auditorium with a panel of speakers, a fun and challenging sporting event to raise money for charity, or an intimate cocktail party hosted in your home. The point is, do what works for YOU and YOUR business, and you can grow and expand your efforts from there.

In “Hosting Live Events for BIG Paydays,” I’ll show you exactly how you can leverage even small gatherings into big payoffs, even if you get tongue tied in front of a kindergarten class.

“All This Sounds Really Expensive – How Will My Business Support the Cost?”

I’m not going to lie to you – putting on a large-scale event can quickly run into the thousands. But as we said, even small events can pay off big. More importantly, you CAN recoup your costs for a large event if you:

checkPlan carefully – and set and follow a strict budget so you don’t end up spending far more than you expected

checkLeverage your network – you can barter for services, enlist the help of unpaid aides, borrow equipment, and even use a free venue like your local library or park

checkPut your marketing skills to work – because you can’t get others to help your efforts if they don’t know you need them!

checkGet PAID to speak at your own event – this one’s a no-brainer, but you do have to know who and how to ask

checkSet up a SOLID back-end – so your event continues to pay for itself for months or even years to come

As with most things, you don’t have to have thousands of dollars at your disposal to pull off a live event, but you do have to have some organizational skills and a bit of creativity!

“I’ve Never Done Anything Like This – Where Will I Start?” That’s where I can help.

When I wanted to host my first event, I went looking for information about scheduling, venues, planning, and budgets, and I was pretty disappointed to learn that there just wasn’t anyone out there teaching this stuff. Maybe it’s one of those things we think everyone just “knows.”

But I didn’t – and neither do you! So to help, I’ve put together a complete guide to hosting live events. It covers critical planning aspects, like:

checkHow to know your market is ready for a live event – launch too soon, and you’ll be greeted by an empty room; too late, and you’ll lose them to another speaker.

checkThe one question you must answer before you make a single phone call – get this one wrong, and the whole event will be one big waste of time.

checkChoosing the ideal size for your event – too large, and you might become overwhelmed, but too small can have few returns

checkFive “hidden” costs you must consider when you outline your budget – because budget overruns are a sure-fire way to derail your event before it ever begins

check10 things every event planner needs to consider – including two that have the potential to truly irritate your attendees if they’re forgotten!

check8 popular event formats – and what makes each one successful

check4 elements critical to a successful event – get these pieces in place and you’re virtually assured that your event will pay off

Hosting Live EventsOnce you’ve got your planning outline nailed down, we’ll move on to specific tasks you must do if you want to have a successful event, like:

checkHow to choose the right venue – remember, the location has a profound effect on the success of your event, so choose wisely.

checkFinding the ideal topic – this can mean the difference between success and failure faster than almost any other decision you make

checkPowerful marketing techniques you can use to gain attention – because actually hosting the event is the payoff, but getting attendees can be a lot more work

checkThe most important thing every live event should end with – and the one thing most planners forget to do

check8 things that can go wrong – and how to prevent them

checkCreating a budget – including 5 “hidden” costs you need to watch out for

checkWhy small events aren’t always less expensive to host – but can (and do) EARN less money

check8 elements that can effect your event’s profitability – and one that will have long-lasting effects on your business’ success

check10 essential components for a well-organized event – and one that will leave your participants wanting more

The Best Thing to Happen to
Online Businesses in Years

I am firmly convinced that hosting live events is the single best thing you can do to:

bulletExpand your market

bulletIncrease your sales

bulletGrow your mailing list

bulletImprove your “expert” status

bulletBuild your confidence

bulletAnd even provide a stepping stone to a new career as a speaker, author, or other highly respected (and well paid) endeavor

All you need to get started is a passion for your topic and a willingness to help others learn, and you too can host your own fun, profitable, and hugely successful events. The efforts you put in now can pay off for years to come, but you have to get started!

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A list of important event-specific supplies I might need – so nothing important is missing on the big day

The pros and cons of hosting an event at home vs. in a larger venue

A printable worksheet to help me decide which topic my market wants and needs – and which ones I am most comfortable presenting

5 ways to make even boring seminars stand out – and to ensure my audience will be raving about me to their friends

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Hosting a live event can truly be life- and business-changing. It can add income to your bottom line, help you reach customers who might otherwise never get to know you, and even bring in free publicity in the form of media attention. Plus, you might just discover a new skill!

Grab your copy of “Hosting Live Events for BIG Pay Days” today, and see how it can change your way of doing business!

P.S. Don't forget - your purchase is backed by my no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee, so you can try it out at absolutely no risk - you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.