Wonder What All the Fuss Is About Google+ Hangouts?

Learn Google+ HangoutsWhat Google+ lacks in user numbers against Facebook, it sure makes up for in technology.

Learn to harness the power of Google+ Hangouts with this Step-By-Step Visual Guide that shows you How To Use Video on Google+.

Here’s the skinny – You’ll learn:

Overview: How To Use Video On Google+

  • How to upload videos to Google+
  • How to link to YouTube
  • Google video chat, known as Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts As A Business-Building Tool

  • 8 benefits of Google+ Hangouts
  • Ways you can put Hangouts to Good Use
  • Using YouTube for business-building Hangout promotion

How To Get People To Your Hangout

  • Using Google Events to promote your Hangout
  • Inviting people at the start of your Hangout
  • How to promote and increase feedback during and after your Hangout

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