Pam Ivey Success StorePam and her team have created a number of products and solutions to support business owners in the growth of their ventures.

Product Launch Success Training

This 4-part Lesson Series includes:

  • Setting Yourself Up For Product Launch Success
  • Product Launch Success Top Strategy Secrets
  • Product Launch Success: Bringing it All Together
  • Product Launch Success Easy Promotion Kit

Plus 4 handy checklists (one accompanies each guide).

And each guide has optional, easy assignments, to further help you ground yourself in good launch habits.

Product Launch Success

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Joint Venture Marketing

Joint Venture Marketing: Creating Profitable Partnerships For Long-Term Growth Will Help You Speedily Find Out Where To Find Your Ideal JV Partner – And What To Say When You Do.

This Very Special Report includes:

  • 2 essential facts worksheets I can re-use to prepare for every JV proposal
  • 8 ways of creating a buzz, so I can rocket-boost my JV partner’s promotion success
  • Valuable information about specific facts I need to know – ones that are hard to find out, just by browsing the net
  • Conditions that absolutely have to exist, before I should ever even think of seeking a partner!
  • A helpful overview of all the variables – and how to handle them – when deciding on the best approach

But most of all, “Joint Venture Marketing: Creating Profitable Partnerships For Long-Term Growth” will tell me everything I need to know, in one quick, easy and demystifying read.

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Galaxia Graphics Toolkit

Galaxia Graphics

Professionally designed graphics with over 750+ elements to use to create KILLER sales pages and landing pages for your products and services.

All the graphics included in this pack are easily editable using Photoshop, Gimp or other graphic editing software.

Brand new templates and web-ready graphics.

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Hosting Live Events for BIG Profits

Hosting Live EventsI am firmly convinced that hosting live events is the single best thing you can do to:

  • Expand your market
  • Increase your sales
  • Grow your mailing list
  • Improve your “expert” status
  • Build your confidence
  • And even provide a stepping stone to a new career as a speaker, author, or other highly respected (and well paid) endeavor

All you need to get started is a passion for your topic and a willingness to help others learn, and you too can host your own fun, profitable, and hugely successful events. The efforts you put in now can pay off for years to come, but you have to get started — let me show you how.

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Tax Season For Small Business

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking Care of (Tax) Business…It’s a Jungle Out There!

Tax SeasonIn this special report, you’ll learn:

  • How Long Should I Keep Tax Documents
  • Often Overlooked Tax Deductions For Your Small Business
  • What Your Accountant Needs From You, The Small Business Owner
  • Accountant Appreciation Time
  • Recommend your accountant to others
  • How To Pick the Right Accountant for Your Small Business
  • Make Your Decision
  • 10 Ways to Reduce Stress During Tax Season
  • 10 Simple Tax Time Tips
  • Online Tax Preparation Software Reviews
  • 5 Smart Ways To Use Your Small Business Tax Refund
  • Defining Deductible Expenses For Small Business Owners

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Facebook for BusinessFacebook For Business

What you need is a Facebook guide written especially for you. So let me introduce you, without wasting any more of your time, to your “Facebook for Business Starter Guide”.

It’s jam-packed with:

  • Experienced streamlining
  • Simple-to-follow screen shots
  • Proven, focused marketing tips for you

It also includes a “secret bonus” – a 2-page blueprint of “Profile Brainstorming Map” to help you plan your irresistible, targeted profile rapidly, without pain.

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Bitcoin Buzz

Bitcoin BuzzBitcoins are a type of digital currency that can be created via a free software application and transferred across the Internet without the use of financial institutions or clearinghouses. This means that there is no physical form of this currency; it is not like a U.S. Dollar or a Euro, or even like a piece of gold or silver. You cannot touch bitcoins and be in physical possession of them like you can those aforementioned physical currencies.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • What are Bitcoins?
  • What are digital currencies and how do they work?
  • Bitcoins as an investment
  • How to access and use a Bitcoin account
  • Setting up your Bitcoin wallet
  • How to buy, receive and send Bitcoins
  • Bitcoins mining

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