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Online Marketing

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Ready To Make an Impact Online?

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What is Online Marketing?

If you’ve never been exposed to the term, you might think Internet marketing, where you see a lot of products being sold online. Products like vitamins and supplements.

Online marketing is about the way in which a business (any kind of business) is marketed using the Internet. So although you can say that those individuals or companies seeking to offer vitamins and health supplements for purchase online are doing the same, that’s not necessarily the case. In those situations, all those business do is sell a product(s) online.

Brick and Mortar Businesses

If you are a deli that specializes in lunchtime fare, and you have an online presence, you wouldn’t necessarily “sell” your sandwiches online. But you can market your services by putting offers on your website like a deal on soup ‘n sandwich Wednesdays. You could also market your business by sending out press releases to a variety of online media outlets. And by capturing “leads” with your optin email list.

In the same vein, if you own a construction or accounting firm, you can still use the Internet to market your business online. In addition to your website and your email list, one of the most popular ways of marketing online is by blogging and using social media. There are a plethora of topics that you can write about and post about to your social media networks.

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Purely Online Businesses

Conversely, there are businesses that exist solely online; for instance, a speaker who offers speaking, training and coaching services to female entrepreneurs. The person who runs that business doesn’t have a brick and mortar “store”. They run their business from the Internet. They use email, webinars, Skype, Google+, etc. to communicate one-on-one with their clients for single and group coaching. They will also have an email list that captures prospects who they can then send offers and valuable free information to. They may also run live events, but all of the marketing of the event happens online.

Pam Ivey International is an online training and coaching company that specializes in simplifying and demystifying online marketing for business owners of both groups. PII offers a number of online programs and in-person workshops that take business owners step-by-step through an easy-to-learn process of understanding and executing real-world online marketing strategies, tactics and techniques to help their business succeed — and mostly importantly — grow. Whether you’re the business owner who will execute online marketing tasks yourself or you want to ensure you hire the right person for the job, our training will provide you with the latest in what you need to know.

With today’s noisy and overwhelming online marketplace, it’s tough to know how to get the edge on your competitors. Everybody wants a piece of the track they can call their own.

Having a web presence is much more complicated than it used to be — or it probably feels like it since every business owner is tasked with trying to understand so many changing nuances in marketing their businesses online. Should we be on social media? If so, how do we make it work for us? What the heck is SEO really all about? Lead magnet? What’s that? Why should I have an email list and what do I do with it?

Yet even those who already operate successful businesses can still find it challenging to keep up with what they need to know about online marketing. They may hire several specialists in different areas, but without really understanding the big marketing picture and how those people should work together to drive the business forward, they could be leaving money on the table (in fact, they mostly likely are).

An overall online marketing strategy is crucial. So are the systems and processes to back it up. But most importantly, the main ingredient to successfully helping a business be heard, connect, convert and grow, is an expert who can take the online marketing reigns and deliver exceptional results time and again. And that’s where Pam Ivey International training and coaching services fill the gap.

New Programs on the Way

We’ve heard you. You’re frustrated, overwhelmed and confused about marketing your business.

We’re currently working on three new exciting programs to simplify and “un-complicate” online marketingfor business owners who are non-marketers.

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