Take a minute and think about the people you consider authorities and leaders. You undoubtedly think of those people as knowledgeable experts, no matter what field they’re in. This is how you must strive to be viewed in order to effectively paint a picture of yourself as a market influence.

True leaders never stop learning. They thirst for knowledge and information concerning their field of endeavor. They want to be on the cutting-edge of innovation, technology, marketing, sales, and every other aspect of their business. Accordingly, they spend a great deal of their time talking to other leaders in their field, attending seminars and conferences, reading trade journals, and devouring any and all industry information they can get their hands on.

If you are in an especially competitive field, the right knowledge can save your business. If you get a hold of a piece of information before any other industry influencers, you have your hands on a potential golden goose.

Procurement of knowledge also means improving your skills.

You know what business areas you need to improve upon. Don’t spend time working on what you are already proficient at doing. Brush up on those skills and market areas where you aren’t so strong. Combined with industry knowledge and a constant effort at working to become better in your market, a well-rounded skill set can ensure you are viewed as an important influence in your field.



The 5 action steps listed above will go a long way towards building your authority status. Smart business owners target a smaller, well-defined market rather than a broad one. Using stories whenever you can to deliver content, information, and sales messages that connect with your audience on a very emotional level.

You should always be asking, “How can I help my market?” When you solve problems and help individuals with problems in your niche, without initially thinking about sales and profits, you develop strong relationships. Those relationships build your influence as your prospects, clients, and customers share your message for you.

Finally, continually learning and staying ahead of the curve in your market or niche is extremely important. People respect knowledge and expertise. You should always strive to be the go-to expert with the most relevant and actionable knowledge in your field.

These are just a few important pieces of the market influence puzzle. Consider them valuable tools in a large, well-equipped market toolbox.