Have you ever sought help from someone who was very knowledgeable in a particular area? Of course you have. We do it all the time. When someone answers a question, or solves a problem that has been bothering you, you instantly look at that person as an influential figure. After all, they provided you with a solution you could not obtain on your own.

So you view that person with a sense of respect and admiration.

That should be your job if you want to build your range of influence. Join forums relative to your market. Join, or start your own, groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks where you can share your market expertise with others in your field.

Put your mind in a place of selflessness.

Don’t worry about sales and profits for a little while, and try not to have a sales-oriented mindset. Just offer advice and valuable content that does 1 of these 2 things for your prospects:

  1. Relieves a pain
  1. Delivers a pleasure

Every important decision a human being makes is hinged upon either relieving a pain, or delivering a pleasure. So focus on publishing helpful content online and offline that solves a big problem, or creates a pleasurable experience for your market. Your market influence will grow, as will your reputation as someone who truly cares about others. That is certain to set you apart from other industry influencers.