Today is my first Spanish class. It’s actually in 15 minutes, so I’ll be leaving this and then returning so I can tell you all about it.

I’m currently sitting at a comfortable table for two on the main floor of our 3-story co-working space. There are about 15 of us from Hacker Paradise here right now. The workspace is a converted warehouse withe modern furnishings and even a coffee bar. Pretty cool spot. As it’s recently opened, the majority of people here are from my group.

I just basically listen for English and introduce myself. 🙂

I’m working on reworking my Online Marketing Manager Certification program into a full self-study course while I’m here. I have a few courses to write and update and then record videos.

I’m also continuing to work with my coaching clients while I’m here by Skype, and that’s working quite well. They actually have a Skype booth on the second floor. Pretty cool. The concept came out of a design contest and they built the winning submission.

We also have a conference room on the 3rd floor we can book for private calls or just to bury ourselves in a project in complete silence.

Oops, it’s time to head to Spanish class. Please make yourself comfortable while I’m gone…

chill out

Ok, back and completely overwhelmed, confused and lost. LMAO Seriously, I thought this would be easier. It’s supposed to be Spanish 101 but everyone else seems to have a pretty good background, so the instructor was asking questions in Spanish. Huh? Dunno man, sorry.

I think I better do a little studying on my own so I can feel more comfortable in next week’s class. 🙂

But I did learn:

Yo soy Pam.

Yo soy Canada de Wasaga Beach.

Yo trebajo en marketing y technogia.

My name is Pam.

I live in Canada, in Wasaga Beach.

My profession is marketing and technology.

Their v’s are pronounced the same as b’s, and the y in yo and “ll” (double L) is pronounced “sh”.

We talked a little bit about verbs and such and that’s where I got lost. I’ll figure it out but for now, I make sure I’m with someone who speaks better than me when I go to restaurants and such.

I went to the grocery store Monday and asked for dos bags… the cashier had no idea what the hell I was talking about. Again, I brought out my handy-dandy charades skills and managed to get what I needed.

I’m still in our work space and it’s surprising how many people are here at after 4 in the afternoon. Mind you, lunch is late – meals are late. This is a guideline given by Eva (our Spanish teacher):

  • desayunar (to have breakfast) Around 11:00 am
  • al morzar (to have lunch)  Anywhere between 12:30 and 3pm
  • merendar (to have coffee break) Typically 4pm and 7pm
  • cenar (to have dinner) Anytime from about 8:30pm up until 12am

She said most people work late – even the university is open until midnight. Now that’s late.

Area Tres Area Tres

“You think Jamaica is laid back mon? Well, you ain’t seen nothin’.”

They were replacing a generator in our condo building today, so the power was to be out between 7am and 12pm. But let’s get serious here, it’s Argentina time. You think Jamaica is laid back mon? Well, you ain’t seen nothin’. It’s nearly 5pm now and I think they might be done. Maybe not too.

I had lunch with an awesome gal today from Colorado named Micki. She’s a real estate broker and we both wanted to get to know each other. Dang, she’s interesting! She’s running her own boutique brokerage remotely. Who’da thunk that could be done? She’s also been outlining a training program for realtors. Well, dontcha know that’s what I do too? So, we’re going to discuss things further to see how we may collaborate on the project.

Now this is what I’m talking about – this is a big reason why I love working with other entrepreneurs and the travel draws me.

I haven’t seen much of the city yet. You see, I came down with an awful cold the day before I left Canada and it’s sticking around. I figured it would vamoos quickly once I hit the nice warm weather but no such luck. So, I’ve been working and connecting during the day and then heading back to my condo for the night. Today, I think I’ll do a little wandering with my camera and see what kind of cool shots I can find. There sure is a lot of colour and interesting buildings and people here.

Of course… I’ll keep you updated. 😉

Hey – before I go… have you ever been to Buenos Aires, or even Argentina in general? Would love your recommendations for things to do, places to eat, cool shops you may have found. Let me know in the comments below. Thx!