A little but costly mistake you’ve no time to make, when it comes to setting up your Facebook Account…”


Facebook for Business“Why You Need a Different Sort of Starter Guide For Your Facebook Business Presence!”

A chimpanzee could set up a Facebook account. But could he immediately tap into its humongous social power?

I don’t think so.

You see, you don’t intend to use Facebook just to find out what Justin Bieber’s doing, or play time-sucking games (like the average millions seem to spend endless hour doing).

You need to find focused people like you. Ones who are looking for your services, wanting to buy your products and who will really appreciate your unique personality.

(And you’d like to use it for effective networking, too.)

You need Facebook as a platform for expanding your business, creating a strong social presence and branding yourself as an expert.

The Problem is…

If you muddle your way through Facebook’s internal account creation wizards, you’ll be unaware of vital tips, settings and tricks. (The ones that set the prominent professionals apart from those millions of faceless, struggling newbies.)

You want to be the Oprah of Facebook; not someone who gets lost among Facebook’s 500-million-plus users.

The Secret is in the Set-up…

Take the average Facebook ebook (you can find dozens of them for free, on the net). They all fall into a common trap:

The average Facebook ebook is not geared for business people.

(And the ones that say they are seem to require a learning curve or degree of expertise you simply don’t have time to invest in!)

If you work at home online, you desperately need to:

  • Reach the people who need you– and what you have to offer
  • Reach the people who are eager to hear what you have to say
  • Make loyal Facebook Friends – who quickly become enthusiastic fans

Being serious about both your business and your family, you know that you also need to:

  • Keep yourself and your personal information safe and secure
  • Position yourself intelligently to gain authority in your market
  • Take full advantage of up-to-the-minute Facebook changes
  • Avoid nuisances and distractions – without offending your “Friends”
  • Set it up so that you don’t have to work hard on Facebook at all

Now…what if you could find a guide that showed you not only how to quickly set up your new Facebook account – but how to automatically build in all those tips and tricks others usually have to learn (by trial and error) after the fact?

Make Sure your Facebook Set-up Puts You Ahead of the Crowd – not behind It

What you need is a Facebook guide written especially for you. So let me introduce you, without wasting any more of your time, to your “Facebook for Business Starter Guide”.

It’s jam-packed with:

* Experienced streamlining

* Simple-to-follow screen shots

* Proven, focused marketing tips for you

It also includes a “secret bonus” – a 2-page blueprint of “Profile Brainstorming Map” to help you plan your irresistible, targeted profile rapidly, without pain.

This Guide is the Perfect Marriage Between Expert Marketing Advice and Simple Set-up “How to”

And the best part is… it comes backed by our 30-day guarantee.

If the guide is not what you wanted, simply let me know and your investment will be promptly and cheerfully refunded. (And on top of that, you get to keep the “Facebook for Business Starter Guide” too!)

So how about it? Do you want to save yourself time – while setting up your Facebook account like a pro?

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”450px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]YES! I’m Ready to Download my own personal copy of the “Facebook for Business Starter Guide” so can I set up like a pro and start reaching my best audience straight away!

I understand that I have 30 days to look it over and try it out. If I don’t find it’s the best Facebook for Business Starter Guide I’ve ever come across, I can simply ask for a full refund (and keep the guide as a thank-you for my faith in trying this product). I’m looking forward to being easily able to understand:

  • Why Facebook is especially important for my online business right now
  • How to set up my profile so that it reaches the people who need me
  • 5 reasons it’ s essential to set up my account correctly
  • How to make the right choice for your unique market presence, when you have multiple-choice set up options
  • Where to find “hidden” Facebook Help pages and links
  • The 2 main areas to consider, with every set-up step you make
  • 5 simple steps to reduce serious Facebook risks hidden behind its advantages
  • The difference between Facebook’s “New Groups” and “Friend Lists” – and why a scarcely-recognized “third alternative” is your most effective option yet

If you’ve no time to go hunting through endless blog articles and “how to’s” on the net (or you’re thoroughly confused by conflicting information on how best to use Facebook for your unique business goals….

…If you’d like to know the why behind the how (even while you’re quickly setting up your Facebook account)…

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Download it right now – and discover for yourself it’s everything you were looking for!

Remember – it includes…

Everything You Need to Quickly get you Up and Running on Facebook – Right Away

Here’s a sample of just 7 of the solid, how-to instructions you can follow today:

  • How to Set up your Profile
  • How to Post on Facebook
  • How to Pull in your Blog Posts
  • How to Pull in your YouTube videos
  • How to get started with a Facebook page
  • How to Find Friends and Add them
  • How to Hide People in your News Feed – and Why

If you’re excited because this guide promises and delivers expert instruction and tips – without requiring you to become an expert simply trying to understand all Facebook’s subtleties and exceptions – then download your copy right now.

Easily set yourself up with a strong business presence on Facebook today!

Those usually-hard-to-find Facebook internal links and the “Profile Brainstorming Map” make this guide one you’ll actually use as a regular resource.

And don’t forget – it’s backed by our 30-day, “no hassle” guarantee.

Be proactive – download it now (before your new-to-Facebook peers discover your secret advantage!)