Your autoresponder gives you metrics on which to base important decisions in your email marketing. These metrics are essential because they provide hard, objective data about your list’s tastes and preferences.

Any good autoresponder will offer you a variety of statistics. Here are the most essential to pay attention to.

Open Rate

The open rate tells you how many people opened a certain message. It’s important, but you should also take it with a grain of salt. There are many reasons a message might not have been opened. It could’ve been pitched into a spam folder or deleted accidentally.

To get the most out of your open rate, lower your spam rating and send text instead of HTML messages. Autoresponders offer a spam rating to give you an idea of how likely your message will be identified as spam. Also, some email clients don’t accept messages with HTML, so removing HTML ensures that more messages are delivered. On the other hand, good html can increase open rates in many cases.  You’ll have to measure your rates to see what works best for your list.

Assuming your messages are getting delivered, your open rate tells you that your subject line was good enough to get your subscriber to read the message.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is a more accurate statistics. It tells you how many people clicked the link in your email. It means they had to receive and open the email. If a subscriber clicked the link, it tells you that your subject line was good, your email was well-written, the offer was enticing, and the call-to-action worked.

How Successful Is Your Email Marketing?

Before you decide which metrics to track, you need to identify the goal of your email marketing. Do you want to turn people into leads? Do you want them to buy directly through your email list? Are you trying to build a better relationship with your list?

Once you’ve identified your goal, you can figure out exactly which metrics to track. Tracking metrics gives you the feedback you need to determine whether or not you’re reaching this goal.