Are you so busy trying to get customers to convert for your clients that you’re forgetting to list build? If so you’re missing out on a lot of conversions. One of the main purposes of an Online Marketing Manager is to engage in activities that are focused on email list building. In fact, everything you do online should be focused in one way or other to build up your client’s email list. No matter what people say about SPAM, the truth is, the money is still in the list and that’s not going to change any time soon.

Email Converts at a Higher Rate than Other Channels

Look at any online marketing survey and you’ll find out that email still converts at a much higher rate than any other form of marketing. This means that all your other forms of marketing should have the goal of adding to your email list. Even your sales pages should give those who leave without buying an option to join your email list for more information.

Email Reminds Readers to Come Back

Even if your client doesn’t sell a product but instead their blog or website is their product, collecting email addresses and building their email list will bring more people back to their website than any other method of marketing will. First, realize that the people, who sign up to be reminded about new content on the blog, want it. They’re more likely to come back if they receive an update and reminder via email.

You Own Your Email List

Well, your client owns it, but you get the idea. On Facebook or other social media the company that owns the network really owns everything. They can shut down or shut your client down whenever they want to. But, if your client has a large email list and something like that should happen they can easily redirect their audience to the new social media destination of their choice.

Email is Personal

Most people check their email on a regular basis today. Even with the existence of so much SPAM your clients can stand out with great subject lines, great titles, and great content that gets the message across for their audience. Getting someone to provide their personal email address is much more personal than them following on a social media network due to the more personal nature of it.

Email makes it possible for you to form a close relationship with your audience. Being part of an email list it is no doubt that they are your audience because they gave you permission to send them information directly. You can announce new products, sales, events, and even share with them in a more personal way what you do in your business to create products or services for them. In fact you can even make your clients’ audience part of the process if you’re listening.