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  • The new definition of a “digital nomad”–and why you shouldn’t dismiss the idea (even if you have a spouse or kids).

  • Practical steps to take to “prep” your current life for long-term travel–so it doesn’t implode while you’re away.

  • Secret “nomad life” hacks to keep clients happy and cash flowing–including the exact equipment & tools you need to make a sizeable living from your laptop.

  • The #1 piece of advice you can’t afford to ignore if you want to travel the world & run a thriving business.

We all know that if you have (or want) an online business, you can technically work anywhere with Wi-Fi.

But how can you logistically–and realistically–turn the whole “laptop lifestyle” dream into a reality? How does one walk away from their current, day-to-day life & start living (and running a business) while untethered to one location?

If the whole “digital nomad” idea intrigues you (read: you’ve fantasized about coaching clients while simultaneously sinking your toes into white hot sand at least once), then I encourage you to join me for my brand new FREE webinar, 3 Do’s (And One Massive Don’t) for Aspiring Digital Nomads, where I’ll be doling out practical tips & action steps to take if you want to become a digital nomad–without going mad (or broke).

The truth is, it’s entirely possible to live a freedom-based lifestyle that allows you to make good money while “shacking up” anywhere around the globe–if you know what you’re doing! But there are some major misconceptions about what this unconventional lifestyle actually entails. Join me and come learn what it truly takes to live & work like a digital nomad!