South Africa

2017-11-27T13:25:20-04:00By |Digital Nomad, Location Independent, Work Life Balance|

Cape Town has been such an interesting, welcoming, beautiful place, with so much to see and do. For 3 solid weeks, I have been going non-stop, visiting festivals, food markets, art galleries, nightclubs, and taking in the breathtaking views atop Table and Lion's Head Mountains. Well, it's caught up with me. I'm sick. :( I [...]

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2017-06-18T12:34:48-04:00By |Digital Nomad|

I've traveled a lot in the past. I'm jumping on a plane at least a few times each year to head somewhere for either business and/or pleasure. Mostly, however, it's been pretty domestic. I've been to Mexico, the Caribbean more times than I can count, and have been to almost every Canadian province, and a [...]

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Stretching Limits

2017-06-18T12:25:17-04:00By |Digital Nomad|

This paragraph by Laura, a volunteer at the yoga retreat Blue Osa in Costa Rica ( really sums things up for me, on traveling. No need to rack my brain trying to put my feelings into words, Laura's already done it for me! "Nothing challenges me or pushes me to the limits of my comfort-zone quite [...]

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Not All Fun & Games – but some…

2017-02-15T22:11:49-04:00By |Digital Nomad|

Wahoo! I'm feeling mucho better now. That cold really knocked me on my behind and set me back a whole week. Well, there's much making up to do, so follow along won't you? Monday night, eight of us grabbed a couple of ubers and headed off for a concert of percussion music. I really [...]

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Buenos Aires here I come…

2017-01-08T23:07:59-04:00By |Digital Nomad|

After a whole year off from any travel (what a switch that was!) I was starting to get restless and knew I had to find something adventurous, different, and exciting for 2017. I did a ton of research and started to come across groups that co-work and co-live together. Hmmm... sounds like exactly what I've [...]

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