Online Business Planning

Finally! Turn Your Online Business into a Profitable Venture to be Proud of When You Master the Art of Business Planning!

Congratulations! You’ve achieved a goal that many before you have dreamed of and failed to fulfill – you’ve started your own business.

And now you’ve probably also discovered the truth about online business: It’s not as easy as it looks.

There are products to develop (constantly!), marketing to manage, outsourcers to hire, bills to pay, blogs to write, and more. And sometimes it seems as if you’re doing little more than spinning your wheels with nothing to show for it.

Is this the way business is supposed to be?

No. It’s supposed to be fun, and rewarding, and most of all, profitable. But if you’re too busy putting out fires, it’s almost guaranteed to be none of those.

That’s where planning ahead will really help, but…

You Need More Than a Calendar
and a To-Do List

business planningIf you’re like most people, you probably start your day with your calendar and a long list of to-dos. Emails to write, blogs to share, sales to promote, and products to review.

And you probably even get some of those things done – maybe even on time.

But that’s not planning – that’s just making a list. And it won’t help your busines grow, prosper, and be more profitable.

A to-do list simply helps you keep your head above water – it doesn’t help you swim. For that you need a long-term vision that only a true business plan can bring.

But before you start thinking a formal business plan is just for big companies seeking funding from a bank, consider this:

A business plan encompasses everything important about your business, and is a working document you’ll consult daily to help you:

  • Make decisions about new products to offer.
  • Hire and train outsourcers.
  • Decide whether or not to buy that new computer.
  • Track the results of your promotions.
  • Start a new blog.
  • Even take a vacation.

I think you’d agree that given all that, a business plan is a critical piece of your online business. But creating one might seem overwhelming – especially if you’re already just treading water. What you need is…

A Step-by-Step Guide for Planning Every Aspect of Your Business

In Business Planning for the Online Business Owner, not only will you discover how shocking simple it is to create a real, workable plan for your business, but by the time you’ve worked through this report, you’ll have implemented one for yourself that you can turn to again and again as your business grows.

We’ll start with the basics, like:

  • A simple 3-step plan for attracting buying customers – without this you’ll be sunk before you even begin!
  • A reusable, 4-part promotional campaign that will be the heart of every product you create.
  • 8 ways to quickly and painlessly create bonus material – and why surprise bonuses like this will turn your business from so-so to spectacular.
  • Printable worksheets to make sure no critical campaign pieces go missing.

Once you’ve got your products and campaigns worked out, it’s time to look at more long-term planning – that’s what will really make your business shine!

We’ll cover things like:

  • Three proven techniques for building an army of affiliates to help you sell.
  • How to attract ultra-productive super-affiliates.
  • 21 ways to cross promote, to ensure you get in front of your ideal customer multiple times.
  • 5-point checklist of must-have resources every business relies on – If you’re business is missing any of these, you’ll have a much tougher time of it!
  • Tips for figuring out exactly what works – and what doesn’t – so you can stop wasting time on promotional activities that only cost you money.
  • The power of the follow-up – without this critical step, you’re definitely leaving money on the table.

Before moving on to advanced planning techniques that will help separate your business activities from those of a mere hobbyist.

If you want to make a sustainable career you and your family can count on, you must put into place two things: A company manual, and a formal business plan.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to easily create each of these documents, with important tips like:

  • 12 must-have sections of your company manual – so you’re not constantly recreating the wheel.
  • Who needs access to your company manual, and why – the answer to this might surprise you.
  • How your company manual can save you time and money when it becomes your go-to reference for everything you do.
  • The single most important goal for your company manual – keeping this in mind while you create it will help keep you on track.
  • Why even a 1-person business needs a business plan – and it’s not why you think.

Plus, I’ve even included a business plan template with complete instructions you can use to develop your own customized business plan. Trust me, this is the single most important document you will ever write, and that thought makes many business owners break out in a cold sweat.

The result? They never get it done.

But with my handy template, you’ll have yours written in no time – and I’m betting you’ll use it ever day to help maintain the course of your business.

With more than 7 pages of detailed instructions, you’ll be prepared to write a plan that can help you:

  • Obtain financial backing from a bank or other lending institution – without a business plan, they won’t even talk to you.
  • Maintain your focus so you aren’t continually following rabbit trails that lead nowhere.
  • Apply for small business grants other assistance – they’ll want to know you’re serious, and a business plan is proof of that.
  • Form lucrative partnerships – your potential partner will want to know what your vision is for the business.

Keep in mind that a business plan, company manual, and all other documentation is meant to be a living document – it should change based on the needs of your business at the time – so go ahead, create one – you can always change it later with the help of this template.

No Business is Complete Without a Plan

Online Business PlanningBut I see too many online business owners who treat their business as if it’s a hobby. No plan. No documentation. And no direction.

Trust me – if you want to succeed online (or off, for that matter) you must put more thought into your business than that. It’s just not possible to be a success if you’re simply going along for the ride.

You need to put a plan in place, then work your plan. Do that, and success is practically guaranteed.

So don’t wait…

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Creative ways to cross promote and attract affiliates.

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Take steps to build a business you and your family can be proud of. Start planning today, and you’ll begin reaping the rewards within weeks with more sales, easier product launches, and happier customers.

Supporting your success,
Pam Ivey

P.S. Ask any great business leader the secret to her success and she’ll tell you it’s all in the planning. Grab this report today, and you can be planning your future tomorrow.