Ah, Shiny Object Syndrome.
Arch nemesis to so many of us entrepreneurs.

You flit from one thing to another to another, and what do you know, there’s another. Before you know it, it’s bedtime and you wonder why you didn’t get anything done all day. Can you relate?

You’ve got all these ah-may-zing ideas, but rarely do they get to a point where you can actually launch them to the world. This leaves you feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels.


You know you should be pulling in way more money but your working style is just too carefree and dare I say, haphazard to make big things happen in your business.

You know you should have a plan. Maybe you’ve even attended a webinar or taken a course (or six) on how to plan – but you’d rather watch paint dry or grass grow. Maybe for you, it simply seems like a downright ‘kill me now’ project.

Does this sound like you?

  • You often feel like you’re running your business by the seat of your pants, never knowing what to work on next?

  • You don’t get as much accomplished as you’d like?

  • You wish you could work a normal 8 hour day and actually make decent money?

  • Your email inbox often dictates your day?

Because of all this you feel …

  • Scattered and distracted all the time. (Frustrating!)

  • Like you’re always leaving money on the table from all those programs or services you didn’t complete and launch.

  • Like everyone else has their sh*t together – why can’t you?

What would you feel like if …

  • You could learn a planning process that’s actually FUN to do?

  • You woke up each morning knowing what you should be working on? (Hello, focus!)

  • You could work less hours and make more money, simply because you finish those new products or services and people buy?

  • You build an intentional business–one that supports the life you want to live… instead of the business running you?


December 8th. The Best Year Yet Planning Workshop begins in...

I’ll help you translate your big dreams into bite sized goals and create clear step-by-step action towards them. You’ll feel more confident with your business, in your business. You’ll know what you need to do to grow your business and create more time freedom in your business. The ultimate result? You work less and earn more because you’ve mastered your planning and know exactly how you’re going to make 2023 your best year yet.

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Stephanie Watson

“It’s amazing. I went to graduate school online at the University of Alabama in an award-winning program for Human Environmental Science with a specialization in Interactive Technology and some of my classes weren’t as well made as this.”

Stephanie Watson, Barry Publishing

We’re going to do an examination of your business over the past year. What went really well? What went really poorly? Did you work with your ideal clients, or did you attract less than stellar ones? We’ll look at this and more to get a clear handle on what to keep and what to remove, what to do more of and what should be eliminated or phased out.

Let’s get crystal clear on the life you really, really want to live. Does your current business support that lifestyle? Oftentimes, in pursuit of hitting a certain number (i.e., six- or seven-figures), we lose sight of our life and freedom goals and before we know it, all it seems we’ve done is created a job for ourselves. Working all kinds of hours and dealing with all kinds of client pressure and stress is not what we signed up for. Let’s make sure your business gives you what you you want and need, instead of the other way around.

Next, you’ll concentrate on setting goals in many more areas than just revenue. (In fact, we’ll focus more on profit than revenue anyway.) You’re a well-rounded individual — we’ll set goals in many important areas. According to Wikipedia, goals are more deliberate than desires and momentary intentions. Therefore, setting goals means that a person has committed thought, emotion, and behaviour towards attaining the goal, and that’s just what we’ll be doing in this session!

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. You’re going to be focusing on your most important goals for the upcoming year. You’ll make a list of what is needed to get from here to there, and you’ll finish up the workshop with a full 2023 action plan, and you’ll know exactly what to prioritize going into the start of the new year.

Kathy Smith

I wish a course like this had been around when I was first learning the ropes. If I had been given a roadmap like this, it would have dramatically cut down my learning curve and helped me put my best foot forward from the very first step. Pam, is an incredible instructor and I just know you’ll get a lot more than just materials to follow but a whole new world will open up!”


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Save your seat for this live impactful, business growth workshop, which includes full-access recording and workbook.
(And lifetime access to the process too!)

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