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Pam Ivey wants to live in a world filled with innovative and profitable businesses, powerful laptops that come bundled with 0 calorie Dare Ultimate Fudge cookies, and a force field around her keyboard that repels cats. :) Pam Ivey International helps small business owners enhance their brand image, influence buyers, and generate revenue through comprehensive online marketing coaching and training programs. In real estate, we train and certify support professionals to become superior real estate assistants. Grab the Ultimate List of Lead Magnet Ideas at www.PamIvey.com


2017-06-18T12:34:48-04:00By |Digital Nomad|

I've traveled a lot in the past. I'm jumping on a plane at least a few times each year to head somewhere for either business and/or pleasure. Mostly, however, it's been pretty domestic. I've been to Mexico, the Caribbean more times than I can count, and have been to almost every Canadian province, and a [...]

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How to Prevent Unsubscribes

2017-05-04T13:14:13-04:00By |Email Marketing|

The last thing any email marketer wants to see is a high unsubscribe rate. This means that your messages are failing to resonate with your list and you're losing your subscribers. There are many possible reasons for a high unsubscribe rate, but here are a few things you can to do to keep this number [...]

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Email Marketing: The Most Important Statistics

2017-05-04T12:55:56-04:00By |Email Marketing|

Your autoresponder gives you metrics on which to base important decisions in your email marketing. These metrics are essential because they provide hard, objective data about your list's tastes and preferences. Any good autoresponder will offer you a variety of statistics. Here are the most essential to pay attention to. Open Rate The open rate [...]

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Not All Fun & Games – but some…

2017-02-15T22:11:49-05:00By |Digital Nomad|

Wahoo! I'm feeling mucho better now. That cold really knocked me on my behind and set me back a whole week. Well, there's much making up to do, so follow along won't you? Monday night, eight of us grabbed a couple of ubers and headed off for a concert of percussion music. I really [...]

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The Journey Begins (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2017-02-08T20:27:06-05:00By |Remote Lifestyle|

A friend of mine sent me a message through Facebook the other day, “You are so brave… I completely admire you doing this.” She literally put into print what I was thinking. I thought it was just me who felt the nerves. And when I booked this trip, I really had to do some [...]

Relationship Marketing vs Selling

2017-01-11T20:14:27-05:00By |Online Marketing|

Many business owners are a little confused when it comes to relationship marketing and selling. Are they the same thing or two different items altogether? Let’s take a look at this in more detail. Relationship marketing is all about developing a good line of communication with your customers. It is basically a situation where you [...]

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Why Email Marketing Is Still So Profitable

2017-01-11T16:59:52-05:00By |Email Marketing|

With all of the shiny objects and dangling carrots hanging in front of an online marketer's eyes, there is one profit-generating method that has stood the test of time and still delivers results: email marketing. Some people claim that email marketing is dead and gone, but those making a passive income with this method know [...]

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