Well, I’ve done it. I’ve joined the ranks of Amazon FBA Sellers and currently have two products for sale in the store.

The first product is a Purple Princess Tent. Having bought princess tents for all of my granddaughters (4 of ’em!) and seeing how much they love them — they even wanted to sleep in them the day they got them, I thought it was a perfect place to start. There are a bevy of princess tents available on Amazon, the majority of them pink, with a few blue ones sprinkled on the pages too. When I came across a purple one for a reasonable cost from a well-ranked manufacturer in China, I jumped in. Here’s what it looks like. Cute or what? (And I don’t mean or what!) =)

purple princess tent

It’s been for sale for just over a month now and I’ve sold 43 units. Not bad. I think I’ll stick with this one. Here’s the link to check it out on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09QGXJJ9Z

My second product has just been introduced to the marketplace. It’s a Smart Weighted Hula Hoop – a twist on the old toy. Here’s what it looks like.

Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

I learned that smart hula hooping is a huge Tik Tok trend, did some research, and found that there was room in the marketplace. Well, I haven’t sold any yet but fingers crossed, momentum will build soon. Here’s where you can find it: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09TTTQD21

There’s SO much to be learned to be successful selling on Amazon. I’ve taken many courses, watched a ton of videos, and even hired a mentor. I’m going to make this work! This is perfect for the life of a traveller.

I’ll keep you updated as things progress with my products. I’m hunting for more too, so I’ll also let you know when I find something.

Have you sold anything on Amazon? I’d love to hear your experience — and wouldn’t mind if you would throw in some tips too!