Pam Ivey. A Multi-Passionate Serial Entrepreneur.

Are you looking for more?


Does this sound familiar?

Business is pretty good, yes, but you just know there’s got to be more.

Oh sure, you get together with friends once in a while. You see your children, grandchildren maybe, and other people you care about. But you also spend quite a bit of time alone.

You wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and head into your home office. As you work throughout the day, you may take a quick break to make some lunch and bring it back to your desk with you. You break for dinner, perhaps sitting yourself in front of the TV to get some down time. After cleaning up, you pick up your laptop again. Check your email and finish up some things you didn’t get to during the day.

Before you know it, it’s time for bed so you can get some sleep before you do it all over again.

It’s time for a change.
It’s time to shake things up.
It’s time for an uplevel in your work and your life.

Pam IveyHi, I’m Pam Ivey

And I’ve been there.

I was thinking, “Is this all there is?

Don’t get me wrong. I love being an entrepreneur and I love working with my coaching clients and students. But I found that there was definitely something missing.

Things felt like “Groundhog Day” for me. It was relatively the same from day to day to day.

I was bored. I needed more.

I found what I was missing. It was international slow travel. In particular, traveling within a community of like-minded people.

I came across a new term, “digital nomad” and I discovered that there were groups that catered to these people, offering trips around the world for extended periods. Count me in! In February 2017, I joined a group called Hacker Paradise in Buenos Aires, Argentina to spend a month with 30 people I didn’t know. It was scary and exhilarating all at the same time — especially because 95 percent of my fellow travellers were quite a bit younger than me.

Location independence is an absolute passion – being able to travel the world while still earning a living. Hell ya!

Another passion – helping women grow and flourish, especially online. It’s fast-paced, challenging & ever evolving. Something that makes me thrive.

How can I help you?

Pam IveyI’m known as The Traveling Entrepreneur™. I’m also a Lifestyle Strategist and Certified Business Coach & Mentor.

I can help you grow your business by providing strategic business and profit coaching and mentoring. I’ll assist you in designing a life that will have you bouncing out of bed in the morning, eager to take on the day, and then designing the business that will support it.

I can help you by:

  • Being a confidential sounding board
  • Bring a fresh pair of eyes to offer guidance and support
  • Help you uncover your desired lifestyle and create a plan toward that freedom
  • Evaluate your ideas with you and helping you develop your business from an idea to reality
  • Develop and hone your leadership and team management skills
  • Guide you to become the CEO of your business, not a ‘worker bee’
  • Be a trouble-shooter and general support for you during this exciting but sometimes challenging entrepreneurial adventure.

Here Are Some Topics We Can Cover In Our Time Together:

  • Business, Marketing and Money Mindsets
  • Assessing and Up-Levelling Your Foundations: Business Systems and Processes
  • Charging What You’re Worth: Determining Your Rates for Profitability
  • Creating a Strong Internet presence + List-Building Techniques (become a recognized niche “expert”)
  • Getting Clients: Building Your Business through Referral Marketing and Profitable Joint Ventures
  • Communication, Customer Service and Follow Up: Keeping your clients happy and referring you to their tribe
  • Being Proactive + Using Value-Added Services to Build Your Client Roster and Increase Satisfaction
  • Creating Passive Income In Your Business through Affiliate Marketing and Your Own Products and Programs
  • Lifestyle Design: Creating a Business that Supports Your Desired Lifestyle
  • Goal Setting, Strategic and Marketing Planning

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