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Attention: online business owners, virtual assistants, graphic designers, copywriters, social media strategists, PPC campaign specialists, content marketers, brand strategists, marketing managers, marketing teams, coaches, speakers, authors and other solo-entrepreneurs…

Has online marketing got you stumped, drained and just plain fed up?
Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out the winning formula for making more sales?

Ditch the fears and frustration and get on the right track once and for all!

“Discover The Secret Strategies, Tools And Tips For Getting More Sign Ups, More Sales And A TON More Marketing Confidence!”

Just think…in as little as 6 weeks, you can learn how to navigate the world of online marketing and walk away with a COMPLETE and CLEAR roadmap of what you need to do TO SELL – all delivered in LAYPERSON’S TERMS.

Then use what you learn over and over to stay ahead of the pack and rake in the dough!

Whether you’re a long-time business owner or you’re brand-new at the game, the insider’s insights taught in this REVolutionary course will change the way you do business – FOREVER.

It’s not fair is it?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your new product or service, sweated bullets from concept to completion, painstakingly worked on the packaging and promotion. Then when launch day finally came and the sales doors opened, you heard…


Did the Internet suddenly go dead? Why weren’t people beating a path to your door? I mean seriously, your stuff is awesome, right? You’re baffled, frustrated, and about ready to throw in the towel.

But what if you could get droves of IDEAL TARGETED PROSPEIdeal Target ClientCTS attending your webinars, engaging with you every day on social media, commenting regularly on your blog, spreading the word about you, and – most importantly – buying…

What do you think your life would be like then? Pretty awesome, huh? (I hear a ‘ca-ching!’ coming…)

You see, there’s a funny little thing about selling.

You might have the greatest product or service the world’s been waiting for but without a strategic, fail-safe marketing strategy AND the confidence to pull it off, you’re pretty much destined to fail.

FINALLY! Online Marketing Demystified…

Introducing… the Online Marketing Sales Machine.

  • Having the confidence in knowing you have the know-how to market your business with a system – and quit floundering with “spray and pray” methods that kept your wheels spinning with little or no traction.

  • Waking up each day thrilled with the fact your business will put a ton more money in your pocket.

  • Knowing you have the skills and tools to attract new prospects to your website at will. Never again fear your programs and services won’t sell.

  • Having the financial security that enables you to live life without worry.

  • Lucrative relationships with the movers and shakers in your industry.

Here’s how Online Sales Machines works:

  • The program is delivered through 6 comprehensive, actionable modules.

  • You’ll have lifetime access to the recordings and slide decks for anytime review (no need to miss a word of this explosive, real-world marketing material).

  • Super easy-to-follow templates where I take you by the hand and help you immediately implement what you’ve learned (yep, no need to ever reinvent the wheel no matter what product or service you need to promote).

  • Simple checklists that shorten your learning curve and put you in the driver’s seat within days instead of weeks (means more time for you while you start making more money…how awesome is that?).

  • Two must-do homework assignments that will move you even faster along the winning track. (This is serious stuff. I’ll be giving you a ‘grade’ on your knowledge level and provide encouragement on how you can improve. This personal review and feedback alone is worth the entry fee and more!)

  • Private forum on Facebook for anytime Q&A, where you can interact with your student buddies and me. Because I’m all for camaraderie among peers!

OMSM helps you turbo-charge your marketing with a proven system that connects ALL the major dots in such an easy and straightforward way, you can’t help but gain BIG TIME from your efforts – in a fraction of the time.

This course will not only show you EXACTLY what methods to use to bump up your marketing mastery up but will also give you the two critical Cs: Consistency and Confidence.

Just imagine:


You need to know how to nurture that list to build the KLT Factor (know, like, trust), so they’re ready to buy whatever awesomeness you put out there.

We start right from the basics, covering:

  • List building programs
  • Where to place your opt-in on your website (this is the most prime real estate for anyone selling on the Internet – and you’ll get some great ideas on how to make it stand out)
  • How to brainstorm a lead magnet (and what that is)
  • Why it’s essential you know who your target market is – this is not a one-time thing (you have to put in the time and do the research to discover who your prospects are – in fact, you always need to be tweaking to current needs…without this essential building block, NONE of your marketing will fly)
  • Marketing Funnels — Clearly show your prospects and clients there’s more ways to work with you to create repeat customers who invest again and again.


Now here’s where we put the rubber to the road. In this module we delve into:

  • The 6 critical keys to marketing product development (you can’t skimp on any of them or you’ll definitely fall flat)
  • The easy-on-your pocketbook ways to package physical products (t won’t cost you a mint to put an attention-grabbing look on any product you create)
  • How to position your program or service for optimum resonance with your target market (you’ve got to pull out all USP — unique selling proposition – bells and whistles to stand out from your competition – and it’s easier than you think)


The main thing here is that you have a strategy and a plan. There are several popular methods for launching your products and programs. You’ve got to find the one that fits your brand, your offering and your personality best.

You’re still at the starting flag. Here’s where you start revving up…

  • Discover an easy “plug and play” system for mapping out your marketing schedule so you’re never scrambling at the last minute (this is another one of those never re-invent the wheel again systems that will serve you for a lifetime)
  • Use your email list and social media to get the word out (there’s a lot of email and SoMe marketing that is crucial to creating buzz – find out the easy ways to pre-schedule all your content so you can make an automated splash while the orders come in!)


Partnering to amplify your sales can be a HUGE win-win for you.

Okay, now the race has begun and you’re flying down the track! In this webinar, you’ll discover to:

  • Capitalize on Joint Venture partnerships (these liaisons are super important for circulating even more excitement – we’ll cover how to initiate and nurture these vital business-building relationships)
  • What kind of content is best for “done-for-you” copy for your affiliates and partners (it’s essential you make this super easy for your partners to use).
  • How to leverage the media for extra big time shout-outs (you can generate a lot of extra buzz by using targeted media outlets).


It’s not uncommon for back end offers to get as much as 5%, 10%, even up to 20% conversion. As a rule of thumb, it’s about 7 times easier to sell an existing customer than it is a new customer.

Your key to more profits, back-end sales includes products and services offered after your customer’s first purchase. The purpose behind creating a back end strategy is to maximize the amount of money you make from each and every customer.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how you can really turbo-charge your sales:

  • What types of products and services are ideal for back end sales.
  • All the ways you can create additional revenue from up-sells, down-sells, bundles and more.
  • How to create a well-constructed back end, with multiple products sold in multiple ways, at multiple price-points.
  • How to create a genuine win/win for both you and your customer.


We’re always concentrating on getting more leads and more traffic but what if instead of trying to get more leads and more traffic, you focused on optimizing conversions? This would mean that more of the leads you already have, and more of the traffic you already get would become customers. This can improve your return on investment exponentially because your cost for customer acquisition will go down as your conversions go up. That sounds like an excellent plan doesn’t it?

In this module, we’ll concentrate on strategies to turn ‘clicks into cash’ by:

  • Understanding the “4 Buyer Personas” which will help you create content which resonates with each.
  • Discovering where and what you should test and tweak to maximize sales.
  • Visiting your website as your visitor to determine ease of navigation and ensure it’s as easy as possible to purchase your products, services and programs.

Pam IveyI’m sure you’re wondering who I am and what makes me so sure that I can help you finally nail marketing your business online and cashing in on the prospects just waiting for what you have to offer.

My name is Pam Ivey and I’ve been around the virtual block for the last 14 years. As a previous VA, affiliate and joint venture partner manager, and online business manager I’ve helped countless high-level six- and seven-figure clients seriously amp up their visibility, authority and sales with online marketing – as well as my own business. But it wasn’t always that way…

It took me years to learn all the ins and outs of effective online marketing and cultivate a profitable system …

And it’s the one system I use to keep me in the mid 6 figures on a CONSISTENT basis. And it’s what I’ll be teaching you in this not-to-be-missed training!

Now, if we just offered the Online Marketing Sales Machine and left it at that, it would be an amazing offer and great value for you but we’re not going to stop there!

We want to make sure you have the very best chance to win every race you run to deliver your product, program or service to your clients and prospects.

And remember, we’re not just about teaching you the skills and how to market consistently…but with our interactive Q&As during every weekly webinar and our extra FULL Q&A session after the course, you’re also going to be gaining more and more confidence so that you’ll KNOW what to do at every turn.

So, we’re meeting you in the pit stop with some super-charged bonuses to do just that:

Online Marketing Roadmap

The Online Marketing Roadmap

In this power-packed business REVing up digital program, you’ll receive:

  A downloadable Course Book covering all the details of how to build a successful Marketing Plan

  A Workbook for completing activities

  14 videos to make sure you stay on track with your marketing strategies.

  A Marketing Plan Checklist

(A $297 Value)

Marketing Storyteller

Marketing Storyteller

In this power-packed business REVing up digital program, you’ll receive:

  A downloadable Course Book covering all the details of how to build a successful Marketing Plan

  A Workbook for completing activities

  14 videos to make sure you stay on track with your marketing strategies.

  A Marketing Plan Checklist

(A $297 Value)

Marketing Psychology

Use Psychology to
Turbo-Charge Your Sales

In this course, you’re going to learn a great deal about psychology and how it’s used in marketing. If you can understand what your customers are thinking at each stage of the buying process, then you can more successfully connect with them and provide them with the information they need. Even more critically, you’ll learn how to use psychology in an ethical way.

(A $197 Value)

Bonus Guides

PLUS OVER A DOZEN How-To Guides including:

  • Your Guide to Creating Info Products

  • Your Guide to Creating Better Conversions with LeadPages

  • Your Guide to List Segmentation: Better Engagement & More Sales

  • Your Guide to Creating An Effective Sales Funnel

  • Your Guide to Product Launch Copywriting

  • Your Guide to List Building Made Easy

  • Your Guide to Business Branding

  • Your Guide to Joint Venture Marketing

  • Your Guide to Innovative Lead Generation

  • Your Guide to Creating Back-End Sales

  • Your Guide to Relationship Marketing

  • Your Guide to Leveraging Others

  • Your Guide to Facebook Re-targeting

  • Your Guide to Constantly Creating Compelling Content

What’s all this incredible confidence-building training and resources going to cost you?

If my team and I broke down every quality nugget of cutting-edge marketing knowledge and material, you’d have to fork over nearly $3,500. But that’s not what you’ll be paying. In fact, you won’t pay even $2000. Not even $1000.

I’m offering the course for an unreal deal at just $497!
Plus you have the option to pay in 3 or 5 month installments.

Buy the Online Marketing Sales Machine

Listen, I know you’ve probably bought marketing courses before. Likely you’ve purchased self-study programs that are more fluff than anything. They’ve barely touched the surface of what you need to know and you’ve ended up shelving them, disappointed that you’ve put out $$ for not much in return.

Boy have I been there. That’s why I’m on a mission to provide the most carefully-selected current and most critical marketing tips and techniques out there (I’ve really dug deep and done my homework) – and give them to you in layperson’s terms, without insulting your intelligence.

Now how can you be sure this course is the right one to fit you at this time in your business?

We’ve anticipated some of the questions you might have…


Q: I’ve never created a product or program before. Will this course help me decide what I could offer?
A: Oh yeah! We’ll teach you from scratch to finish, how to develop, package, promote, and more!

Q: I’m a seasoned virtual assistant (or copywriter, social media strategist, coach, speaker, author, etc). I market all the time and get pretty good traction on sales. Do I still need to take this course?
A: Let me ask you this. Are your marketing efforts really well coordinated? Is your system pretty much automated so you don’t have to “do everything by hand”? Have you seen CONSISTENT monthly revenue as a result? If not, you DEFINITELY need this course. As I said at the beginning…without a coordinated SYSTEM, CONSISTENCY AND CONFIDENCE, you won’t get nearly the amount of sales you should be getting. And don’t forget, if you’re challenged by keeping abreast on all the latest marketing tactics, this course will not only give you the info but show you where and how to keep up to date.

Q: What if I can’t make the calls live?
A: No worries! ALL calls are recorded. When you sign up, you’ll gain access to our private Online Marketing Sales Machine membership site where you’ll be able to download each of the calls, view (and download) the slide decks, access our resource section where you’ll find all the templates, checklists and bonuses, plus find out how to get onto to our private members forum.

Q: Can I make payments?
A: Yes! We have super easy-peasy payment plans over 3 and 5 months. Just make your selection in the checkout screen.

Q: Once I’m through the course and the bonus Q&A session and I’m still having trouble, do you offer private coaching?
A: Yes. For a limited number of people, private coaching sessions can be arranged (please note that private coaching is only offered as an adjunct to the programs we offer). Just give us a shout at

Q: How is this program different from your Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start program?
The Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start is for those who want to provide online marketing management services for their clients. Our Online Marketing Sales Machine program is for business owners who want to better understand how to integrate effective online marketing into their promotional efforts.


I’m so confident that Online Sales Machine will save you a TON of time in gaining the marketing skills and tools you need to compete in today’s online marketing world, that I’m offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you purchase the program, seriously knuckle down and do all the learning, studying and homework assignments and find in 60 days that your marketing hasn’t become second nature and you’re bringing in more sales, then simply contact us at outlining what you’ve done and why it hasn’t worked and we’ll issue a full refund.


So, are you ready to head down the track with me
toward the finish line?

Don’t let yourself continue to try to sell using fragmented (and possibly outdated) marketing processes. And don’t let your competitors get the edge on you. Sign up today for Online Marketing Machine and start down the highway of marketing mastery that will pay off BIG TIME!

Here’s to TURBO-CHARGING your success!


P.S. Imagine getting $1,000, $5,000, even $10,000+ extra a month for doing NOTHING when you’re marketing is on autopilot. That’s how simple it can be when you have the right system in place. With this program, you can start doing that in just 6 weeks (or less)!

P.P.S. As I mentioned, once you purchase the program, you’ll get access to a downloadable quick-start guide and your bonuses. You’ll find just those alone will tell you you’re on the right track to becoming a product, program or service marketing master – so just wait until the course starts! So make sure you join us here. I promise it will be worth it!

P.P.P.S. Remember I asked you to imagine what it would be like if you had droves of IDEAL TARGETED PROSPECTS engaging with you and buying from you? It’s a reality you CAN have…if you do the work. I’ve spent over a decade learning all the things you need to know and compiled them into this rockin’ REVolutionary course that will super-ACCELERATE your sales and grow your business exponentially. But you’ll never know until you take action. Take the leap and start revving up your engines because there’s no turning back now!