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Our focus is in two areas: Coworking Travel Experiences and Real Estate Closing Gifts

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We offer specialized solutions for a variety of professionals. Follow the one that suits you best from the below options.

Real Estate Agent/Broker
Small Business Owners
You still haven’t quite got this online marketing thing figured out and it’s frustrating as hell. Yep. You’re definitely not alone. In fact, why not join your fellow biz owners and get out of marketing overwhelm with one of our fun, confidence-building programs, all laid out in real people language. We banish the jargon and show you how to get visibility, leads and sales with practical solutions. We always keep in mind that you’ve got more things on your plate than marketing. But you know that it’s an essential component to growing your business and your success.
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Real Estate Agent/Broker
Support Professional
It’s a competitive climate in your industry. There are more and more people hanging out their new support shingle every day. How do you stand out? How do you get the awesome, high-paying clients? No question here — you’ve got to specialize. And we’ve got programs to help you do just that. From real estate to online marketing management, we’ve got you covered. And if it’s mentoring and coaching you need to push you up into the next level and beyond, we’ve got your back.
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Real Estate Agent/Broker
Real Estate Agent
If you’re a busy agent, you’re juggling a million and one things on a daily basis. And more often than not, your prospecting and other vital marketing stuff suffers.
You need clear, easy-to-implement, get-‘er-done marketing methods and systems to keep your name to the forefront and on people’s minds when it comes time to buy or sell.
And that’s just what we offer.
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Marilyn Ellis“Pam Ivey International helped me grow my business in ways I could not have imagined. Engaging them in my business has been one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. I can’t say enough about the quality of services and professionalism I have experienced working with them.”

Marilyn Ellis, Lighthouse Organizers, Inc.

Dawn Windsor“Pam is a star among stars…when I was starting out as a business owner quite a few years ago Pam stepped up to the plate, provided support and coaching when she didn’t have to, her suggestive ideas and positive attitude still rings through to me to this day. Character like this is what we need in our world – “helping because we can” – Pam – your generosity made a difference! Keep up the great work!”

Dawn Windsor, Dig Your Heels In

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