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Let’s face it. If you don’t move with today’s business world, your business will suffer.

It can be pretty difficult to get ahead if you don’t have:

  • clarity about your path; what that path looks like today and what it will look like next year, in five years or 10
  • the necessary skills and knowledge that ensure you are a valuable, in-demand commodity
  • critical admin and tech systems that are cost-effective, efficient and scalable for growth
  • a powerful, strategic marketing plan with a “plug and play” approach that makes it easy to implement
  • time and project management skills that not only wow your clients but keep you from burning out
  • an active support network of peers, mentors and a coach who can help you make important decisions
  • and a solid plan for every aspect of your business that provides an essential framework for both day-to-day and long-term operations

The reality is — no business, whether a single entrepreneurship or a super-sized corporation — can get along without help, so…

If you’re serious about online business success, YOU MUST PRO-ACTIVELY build your skills and knowledge in order to build your business.

But how do you do that if you are:

  • not sure what direction to take when just starting out?
  • feeling ambivalent about what you’ve been doing so far?
  • struggling to find and keep ideal clients?
  • having difficulty deciding on your niche?
  • wondering if you’re underpricing yourself?
  • feeling lost in the maze of online technology?
  • eager to bring on contractors but question if the time is right yet?
  • not sure who to talk to when you’re feeling stuck or isolated or you just want to blow off steam?

Plus where can you find the right online business training to quickly and easily move to the next level and increase the value you bring to your clients (not to mention the extra cash you’ll pocket in the process)?

Right here, at the trusted online resource for online business professionals. We’ll help you decide what to do next.

Here are some important questions that can help you get clear.

What’s your passion?

Something drew you to become an online business owner besides the freedom to run your own show. Are you following the pack or your passion? If you’re not thriving doing what you love, what’s holding you back? Could be that you haven’t yet experienced the immense business- and life-changing benefits of the kind of coaching that is super laser-focused on exactly what you need to go after exactly what you want while providing every system and skill you’ll need to get there.

    • And by the way, all of our certification programs come with a money-back guarantee. That’s how confident we are that we are bringing to you the critical skills and information you need for success. Plus we don’t want you feeling left on your own when a training program ends. That’s why we’ve created our industry associations that can keep you connected before, during and after training. Otherwise we wouldn’t be doing the job of supporting you to grow!
  • Where are you headed? What does your business look like right now? Do you have the kind of clients that make your heart sing and your bank account sizzle? Or do you think it’s time you up-level your game but you’re not sure if that means a new direction or a different approach?
  • Need a change? All business owners get to a place where they wonder if what they’re doing no longer fits. It can be just as hard a transition, whether you started your business last year or five or more years ago.  Yep, even those who love what they do still question if it’s right at one time or another.
  • Need more skills? It’s a dog-eat-dog world of ever-changing technology and client requirements that can keep many online business owners running to keep up. Not to worry. It’s easier than you think to stay current. We help shorten your learning curve by offering cost-effective, in-depth, self-study courses on a variety of topics.
    • Check out our popular Virtual Assistant Success Blueprint geared to everyone from newbies to seasoned VAs, and our industry-leading Professional Real Estate Certification Program, chock-full of all the skills and information you need to corner the online real estate virtual assistant market.
    • Discover a myriad of other online business-building courses and resources on our VA Training Academy course catalog
    • And our newest ground-breaking, one-of-a kind Online Marketing Manager Certification™ Program! This is one of the hottest segments of online business right now — this comprehensive 16-week training course is much different than anything currently available, plus the real-world income opportunities are definitely worth the investment — so if this interests you, you’ll want to get on board asap. In fact, we have several potential OMM-hungry clients already waiting to snap up our forthcoming grads! (And that means we’re in the process of educating them on how to work with an OMM and what the pay scale is.) Learn more at